Tips for the Budget Traveller

July 27, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

You probably have heard or read this: “If travel is free, you would never see me again.” Alas, travelling is not free. However, you can still travel on a budget. Try these budget travel tips to make the most out of your hard-earned money.

Plan your vacation in way more advanced than usual

Airfare is not cheap. The rates are higher when the trip gets book one week before. Try booking your flights at least six months in advance. Flight prices are lower when booked in advanced from six months to a year.

You do not only get to choose your seat, but you can also still save money for the trip.

Book a boutique bed and breakfast bath

A boutique bed and breakfast here in Bath would be the top choice. A boutique hotel offers the same luxury of a hotel accommodation, less the price. You get to stay in a nice upscale housing, usually with a packaged breakfast or lunch.

It is uncommon to find a boutique hotel in the the UK that does not serve food with an advanced accommodation, as the law requires.

Leave unnecessary accessories at home

Bring only the essentials. If you are not going to attend a formal party or event, do not pack your dress shoes. If you are planning a vacation getaway, do not forget to bring your camera, sunscreens, phone, wallet and passport.

Pack the right clothes and the right quantity. If you have money for a laundry service, then one or two pairs of clothing are all you need.

Tag a friend along

A travelling companion makes the vacation more fun, enjoyable and memorable. It is always nice to have someone share your stories with. Moreover, should you get lost, your friend will look for you!

Indeed, to travel outside the country takes some amount of efficient planning. Research about your destination and take note the security and safety precautions. Bring home good and memorable experiences even when travelling on a budget.