Slopes and Snow Aside, Why Should You Spend a Ski Holiday in St Anton, Austria?

Family enjoying winter vacations

Everyone who wants to go skiing in Austria has heard about St Anton. It is the gateway to the Arlberg ski region, which ski chalet provider Ski Line Limited says has one of the best and most snow in the entire country.

St Anton, however, has more to offer than powdery snow and adventurous slopes. Austrian hospitality and the local après-ski culture are what make ski holidays in the ski village all the more special.

Get a Dose of Gemütlichkeit

Gemütlichkeit is a unique concept that explains the cosiness and comfort you feel when you are in Austria. It is the hospitality and homeliness that you feel in every encounter with locals. It is the warm and welcoming feeling that greets you when you arrive in a local ski chalet.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or are a frequent guest in the ski village, you will surely appreciate the friendliness and excellent service that locals automatically extend. This way, you wouldn’t feel like a stranger to the place.

Enjoy the Unrivalled Après-ski Culture

St Anton features an unrivalled après-ski culture to match its snow properties and the local hospitality. Between ski activities and dinner meetings, you may go for pre-dinner drinks and get a taste of schnapps or the local beer. You’ll be around a friendly mix of locals and fellow visitors, making you feel right at home.

Furthermore, the ski village is as vibrant as the locals are friendly. You will surely appreciate the catchy tunes and live music that the local pubs play. The jolly atmosphere might even make you sing and dance along to the chorus.

St Anton has a long and lavish snow season, featuring powdery and fluffy snow that skiers would appreciate. Add that to Austrian Gemütlichkeit and the après-ski culture, and it is no longer a mystery why the ski village is a go-to destination for many holiday-goers.