Insider Pointers for Maximizing Your Hotel Stay

May 7, 2018, Author: The Posh Packer

Staying at hotels for leisure or business is a luxury. It presents you with the rare opportunity to unwind, enjoy mouth-watering delicacies and relax away from home. For most people, hotel stays are not a norm and so maximizing your stay becomes imperative.

Settling for a comfortable, secure, clean and conveniently located hotel in Manila such as Hop Inn Hotel is the first step to an enjoyable stay. Here are some ways you can make the most out of your hotel stay.

1. Know what is on offer

Take your time to learn everything the hotel has to offer before checking in so that you can hit the ground running.

Confirm all the amenities with your travel agent and get some insider information on what to enjoy. This will save you the disappointment of finding out about some perks included in your stay during checkout that you weren’t able to enjoy.

2. Take advantage of loyalty programs

Being a loyal customer guarantees royal treatment. Know the rewards and perks of the hotel’s loyalty program and take advantage of it.
Some programs have complimentary nights, extras and vouchers for their loyal customers. Do not worry if you haven’t signed up yet. Even new signings to most hotel loyalty programs get some perks.

3. Ask for extras

Don’t hesitate to request for extras. In most hotels, stuff such as additional coffee, earplugs, extra soap, slippers and phone cords are complimentary. If you need something, just ask for it. Most of these complimentary items aren’t advertised, and it’s a waste to miss out because you didn’t ask for them.

Packing up to leave your home might be unpleasant at times. If you maximize your stay at a hotel, however, you lessen the chances of forgetting to bring anything you need or want. With the tips above, you are sure to leave your hotel happy and having a great time.