Going on a Ghost Tour? Here’s What to Do

May 31, 2018, Author: The Posh Packer

Ghost hunting is more than just an adventure to explore the supernatural or find ghosts. It also presents a great opportunity to walk down memory lane and discover world histories. If you’re up for the challenge or seeking the adrenaline rush that ghost tours bring, check out the following tips:

Do your Homework: Research

One thing you must do before setting off on a ghost hunt is to research on the different places where haunted stories consistently come up. Usually, those places are old battlefields or have a rich history of a colorful past that made people believe it has become haunted or abandoned. You have to know the fine prints of the place before you dig in.

For instance, ghost tours in Charleston, SC offers a walk through the town’s oldest graveyards, the old city jail, and the dark dungeons. Apart from the walking tours that are mostly done after dark, stories of crimes, prostitution, corruption, and scandals will be shared, which will give you an even deeper understanding of how it came to be a ghost town.

Your adventure must be backed with research. Otherwise, you might be barking at the wrong tree.

Prepare yourself

Once you’ve determined your ghost tour location, taking into consideration its rich, colorful, and chilling past, it’s time that you prepare for the adventure itself. The first thing you must be ready with is company. You sure wouldn’t want to go on a ghost adventure alone. It would be nice to have some good friends with you on your journey.

Of course, you also need to prepare items that will allow you to make your documentation easier. Voice recorders, cameras, flashlights, mobile phones, lots of spare batteries, and paper and pens. You must also dress for the occasion and wear comfortable clothing.

Now, you’re ready for the ghost hunt!