Explore Chicago Enough, All Within 24 Hours

April 10, 2018, Author: The Posh Packer

The span of 24 hours may seem like such a short time to visit a city, especially one as big as Chicago, but you can actually get a lot done. With the cheap flights from South Bend, Indiana, you can fly over to Chicago City and explore — all within 24 hours. Once you get there, you can follow the guide below to get the most out of the city before you leave.

Taste Chicago Steak

First and foremost, you can get a taste of the city through its renowned steakhouses. Dry-aged prime cuts, for one, can give you a savory experience. You can pair a cocktail along with it for extra flavor.

View the Chicago Skyline

After such a scrumptious meal, you can look at the city atop the Hancock Tower. The observation deck will have long lines, and with your limited time in the city, you can instead ride the elevator straight to the 96th floor. On this floor, the Hancock Tower houses its Signature Lounge. You can gain access to it in exchange for a drink.

Immerse in Chicago Jazz

Once your eyes have had their fill of Chicago’s skyline, you can go back down to experience all the jazz the city offers. The Green Mill, in particular, stands as one of Chicago’s renowned jazz clubs. You can watch some of the best jazz musicians from around the world here.

Go Back Through Chicago Time

Do you want to experience something new? You can visit the International Museum of Surgical Science. Did you know that barbers acted as surgeons during the 16th century? You can learn more about this tidbit and more of the bleak history of the surgical field in the museum.

Tour the Chicago River

Finally, you have to get a boat ride that will tour you through the Chicago River. You can even take a longer tour that will take you to Lake Michigan. You can find many picture-worthy moments on such tours.

You can squeeze many other activities and attraction visits in the time you have left in Chicago. After 24 hours, you can go back home to South Bend satisfied.