Experience History and Culture in Bath

Roman bath in England at sundown

Have you ever thought of exploring England, but having a hard time deciding which part to go to and explore first?

There are many beautiful destinations to go in England that deciding where to go can be confusing and overwhelming. What would you like to see? Do you want a city with many entertainment options and full of wonderful events? Do you want to visit a city lined up with good food and drinks? A city that is full of stories and rich with culture?

Bath City

If you said yes to all those questions, then the city you need to visit in England is Bath.

The city of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it is the only city in England with that status because of its rich history and cultural contribution. Bath City was discovered by the Romans in the first century AD because of the natural hot springs in the area.

The city was also famous for its wool industry. It eventually transformed into a spa city and became famous for arts and literature.

Things to Do in Bath

There is a lot of fun activities you can do while in Bath. Visit the Roman Baths, where you can bathe in natural hot springs with gorgeous Roman architecture. After that, explore and experience history and culture by visiting the city’s museums and galleries.

The city hosts festivals year round:

The Bath Festival – all about literature and music

The Great Bath Feast – all about food and drinks

The Bath Fashion Festival – all about fashion

The Bath Digital Festival – focuses on new technology.

The city also has a reputation when it comes to good food; the city boasts Michelin-starred chefs and numerous restaurants, cafes and gastro pubs. Bath also houses the Farmers Market, Artisan Market and Christmas Market.

Place to Stay

After learning of all the activities that you can do and experience in Bath, the only thing missing is the place where you are going to stay when you are there. A spokesperson for The Royal Hotel says this is actually not a problem at all since Bath has many city centre hotels to offer to tourists.

With that settled all you have to do now is to pack your things, book a flight and your accommodation and enjoy all the glory Bath has to offer.