Door County: 5 Tips to Make Your Stay One to Remember

May 28, 2018, Author: The Posh Packer

So, you finally have a chance to go on a vacation, and you’ve chosen to go to Door County, a perfect escape from your daily grind. By its total area, this is the largest county in Wisconsin and has a shoreline that stretches out to 298 miles.

A lush, green land surrounded by royal blue waters, Door County has a lot to offer. And if you have a long enough vacation, you have to make sure you stay in a place where you can truly maximize the beauty of this place.

As Homestead Suites suggests, you must choose a location conveniently situated in the middle of everything you can do in Door County. So, whether you’re going with friends, family, or by yourself, here are five tips to help make this a vacation to remember.

1. Experience many activities for free.

They have a historical museum, several places you can sit down and have a picnic, and a well-maintained garden that serves both children and adults, all for free.

2. Don’t leave without going down the Wine Trail.

The Wine Trail takes adults through the different wineries in the county, each giving a taste of their wine and even a tour of their establishment. Some are free, and others just have a minimal price to pay.

3. Go during off-peak season.

Just as with any other tourist spot, the off-season is always the best time to go, especially if you need a peaceful vacation.

4. Enjoy their food.

There are many restaurants in Door County that serve different types of cuisine in a homey setting. Make sure to make your meals an experience.

A place like this will require you to spend most of your time outdoors. So, check weather forecasts and make sure to choose a time when you can really enjoy your vacation and recharge your batteries in the beauty of Door County.