Bored in New Jersey? These 4 Water-Based Activities Can Bring Out the Fun

Everybody loves water. Children can find joy splashing in even the smallest of puddles, while adults pack their bags for the beach or lake when they’re stressed and need some rest and relaxation.

If you’re in New Jersey and have absolutely nothing to do, why not round up the troops (it can be your kids or your friends) and head off somewhere to enjoy the soothing calm and the exciting activities at the nearest body of water.

1. Go to a water park.

Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach says that there are many water parks in New Jersey that you can visit. Enjoy an assortment of swimming pools, water slides, lazy rivers, and more. In fact, you can try a different water park each weekend and you won’t run out any time soon.

2. Visit a giant aquarium.

If you’re not up for jumping into the water, you might want to visit the Adventure Aquarium instead. Situated near the Delaware River, this is home to over 8,500 marine creatures, including the only hippos in the world that live in an aquarium.

3. Explore the USS New Jersey.

Also on the Delaware River is the USS New Jersey, one of the world’s grandest battleships now converted into a floating museum. You can take a tour through historical exhibits, showcasing the ship’s involvement in World War II and even stay for a night onboard.

4. Visit New Jersey’s own Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls too far away? Visit the Great Falls in Paterson, one of the newly established state parks in New Jersey where you can marvel at the grand views of the stately waterfalls. By far, the best place to enjoy the view and some misty spray are on the footbridge over Falls Gorge.

There is no shortage of water-filled activities that you can do in the Garden State. If none of these appeals to you, perhaps a good old visit to the beach will. New Jersey is teeming with beautiful shoreline where you can swim, play water sports, enjoy some beer and seafood, or simply bask around in the sun, sand, and sea.