3 Destinations To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

Tourists sightseeing using a map

Travel bucket lists exist, so you have something to look forward to and live for. If your list has either stagnated in recent years because you have become world-weary or lost your appetite for adventure in exotic places, it is about time you give it an update.

These three destinations are enough to rekindle your thirst for exploration.


The state of Israel has something for everyone. If you want to take part in a religious pilgrimage such as LDS Israel tours, here you will be able to visit places straight from the Bible such as Mount Sinai and the rest of Jerusalem.

If your goal is to soak up a melting pot of culture, this middle eastern state is also the perfect place to visit since its eclectic charm spans both the ancient (Old City of Jaffa) and the modern (Tel Aviv).

The Baltics

Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania comprise the Baltic States. They are also part of the European Union. These states are right in the middle of Russia and the Baltic Sea. Visiting the Baltic States is unlike traveling to any other EU country.

Here you will experience century-old traditions and customs that are grounded in folklore, and somehow akin to a synthesis of Polish, German, and Russian cultures. Historic capitals, pristine forests, and seaside communities are just some of the sights you can expect from the Baltics.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is perhaps the most instagrammable region on the face of the planet. It never looks mediocre on picture. And that’s the more reason you have to see it firsthand.

From Majorca, Spain to Zakynthos, Greece, an extended trip through the Mediterranean region is sure to load your memory with enough beauty to last you a lifetime.

These three destinations ought to be on everyone’s travel bucket list. Now that they are on your list, spread the word, and recruit some travel friends and plan your next adventure.