The Nobility of First Aid Training

April 25, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

Things move fast in Sydney and people often run into accidents at home, school, and the workplace. Learning first aid has many purposes: you become a valuable resource to your community, keep your premises safe from hazards , and start a life-saving career in the health profession.

Simple Solutions

Effective first aid should be straightforward and efficient. You will learn how to administer simple first aid solutions using kits applicable to specific environments.

Simple First Aid Courses

First aid courses enable trainees to incorporate instructions into real world skills. The training sessions include lectures and enactment and should be concise and direct. By the end of the training, you should be able to provide first aid response, casualty and incident management, and life support aid.

Statement of Attainment

You don’t walk out empty-handed. Completing the task brings you a nationally recognised statement of attainment, which you can include in your CV when looking for a job. This certification details all the skills that you have acquired.


Which day of the week are you free? Courses are tailored to fit your schedule. Training is done seven days a week at different times in different locations around Sydney. You just need to set aside one day for training.

Career Development

Besides helping you carve out an invaluable career, first aid skills are vital for your workplace safety. Employers will feel safer having you on their premises than an employee without any first aid skills.

An indispensable skill such as first aid is needed in all aspects of life, so taking up training is an invaluable life-long investment.