Double Chin Problems: Reduction Options

June 3, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

Double chins indicate sagging skin and accumulated neck fat; they also look unappealing in selfies. When you have a double chin, you can eliminate the neck fat and tighten your neck skin by performing neck exercises.

As you age, these activities may become less effective. In such times, and in times of bus, you can turn to Kybella or liposuction treatment offered by Beverly Hills neck surgery practices like Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills.

Exercise the Chin Away

People who belong to the younger generation have a higher metabolic rate, making it easier for them to lose fat during exercise. You can reduce your double chin by simply doing tongue presses, kiss the ceiling’s, chin rotations, head lifts, and other neck exercises. Of course, you still have to pair these exercises with a healthy diet.

Treat the Chin Away

Neck exercises can only go so far, however. As you age, you need to work more to stay fit, and when you need to work more, you need to dedicate more time. Whatever your age, you may lack the time for dedicated exercise. In such cases, you can still have your double chin reduced through Kybella or liposuction treatment.

How the Procedures Work

Kybella and liposuction both use different treatments to reduce double chins. Kybella uses a synthetic form of a naturally-occurring substance in your body that destroys fat. Liposuction works to destroy fat and suck the liquefied fat away. You can undergo either treatment depending on your chin type and the spare time you have.

Choose Your Treatment

Through Kybella and liposuction, you can attain better and faster double chin reduction than through simple exercise. Kybella works great for small to medium double chins. Liposuction, on the other hand, works well for more extreme cases coupled with loose skin. For busy individuals, you can also choose Kybella because of its flexible treatment schedule, while liposuction can be perfect for people with more time on their hands.

With Beverly Hills Kybella or liposuction treatment, you can say goodbye to your double chin and take those perfect selfies.