What Are The Different Types Of Portrait Photos?

June 5, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

Portrait photography has different styles that you can consider for your photo shoot. These may bring out the best features of the subjects, highlight certain facial expressions and elicit a certain emotion. Know the types to determine which one is best for your theme.

Salt Lake City-based photographer cites the following styles of portrait photography that you can use for your next shoot.


This style is when a subject is either aware or unaware that a photographer is taking his or her picture. However, you cannot do much about the other elements in the photo, such as facial expressions, the background and other items that may change the mood of the shoot.

The feel of the photographs is spontaneous and natural.


This style is all about the subject being in his or her natural environment. For example, if the subjects are cooks, a photographer takes their photos in the kitchen cooking, preparing a meal and other similar activities. The surrounding compliments the person and highlights their character.


The classic portrait photography style refers to a photo where the subject’s face is the highlight and predominant feature. Its main goal is to show a visual representation of a certain person. The photographer often takes a headshot and they frame it with the whole body or two-thirds of it.


This style emphasizes the style of living that the people in the shoot want to display. Photographers that use these combine elements of candid and environmental portraiture. They focus on communicating the feeling of the experiences that the subjects are depicting.

The industries of fashion, travel and food often use this type to show a certain lifestyle and elicit emotions from their readers.

You can consider these portrait photography styles for a photo shoot. These elicit certain emotion or depict their subjects in a particular way, which may be what you are looking for.