Three Ways to Blend Your Hair Extensions Naturally

If you had a regretful haircut, suffer from hair loss, or want to try something new, you could choose to have hair extensions to get long and beautiful hair quickly. However, many people who plan to get hair extensions worry if it will look natural. Elle.B Salon presents three easy ways to make your hair extensions blend beautifully.


Yes, you can cut the extensions. Nice layers will do the trick since the extensions are attached by sections. Give the extensions a trim to match your haircut or to give you a whole new look entirely. However, do not cut the extensions too much; just trim the ends to fit your hairstyle.

Style it

Once it is attached to your hair, you can style it. Curl it, braid it, or even blow dry it. Beach curls will work best and give you beautiful, voluminous, flowing hair. No one would even ask if they are extensions. Also, since they are natural hair, you should apply a heat protectant. You need to take care of it like your real hair so it will blend naturally.

Look for Virgin Hair

Look for hair extensions that are natural, virgin hair. Virgin hair is real human hair that has never been dyed, rebonded, colored, or treated in any way. It is also essential you get the same hair color. This kind of hair extension is more expensive than synthetic hair, so be prepared to spend more.

Hair Extensions can be your best friend. They are a fun and easy way to change your look or have that long and luscious hair without waiting too long. The best part is that you could remove, change, or even style them to fit your style or the trend. Ask your stylist to help you choose the hair extension for you.