Guide to Preparing for a Cycling Event

May 29, 2018, Author: The Posh Packer

Joining a cycling event is on top of a biker’s to-do list. With the fun, rush, and community an occasion like this brings, it is every biker’s version of a big day. But keep in mind that a cycle ride entails proper planning and preparation.

This guide will help you prepare for the event.

Prepare your body

Whether it is a charity ride or the big Etape du Tour sportive 2018/2019, the most important thing to do is to train. You might ask: “When should I start training?” The answer to this is as early as possible.

Training in this sense does not mean intense and long hours every day to the extent that you tear a muscle. It also does not mean making up for the days (or even weeks) you missed training and doing them all in the same day.

It means consistent training without allowing uncalled-for breaks in between. With the strength and stamina you get from training early and consistently, you will get to enjoy the ride rather than endure it.

Prepare your bike

As you prepare yourself, so should you prepare your bike. But first, determine what the biking conditions would be during the event. Will you be riding through a bumpy terrain? Will it be a series of climbs and downhills? Whatever the conditions will be, make your bike suitable to surpass them all.

When preparing your bike, make sure all of its parts, especially the brakes, shifters and chain set, are in good working condition. This is highly important, especially if you are expecting loads of uphill and descent.

Get your gear and apparel ready. Get your hotel reservation and necessary documents on hand if it is an out-of-town or overseas event. Keep these tips in mind and you are on your way to experiencing the best cycling event of your life.