Forget About Toys for Your Kids and Invest in Family Vacations Instead

July 11, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

In this deranged world of consumerism, family bonding is a rarity. Many families today are stuck in front of their devices’ screens during their idle time — and this includes the kids. This is exactly why taking an island vacation with kids is a good idea. Here are other reasons that could encourage you:

Family vacations lead to higher paybacks compared to toys.

If you use your cash on some costly gadget or toy that your kids want, you’ll see that their happiness will always be in short-term. They’ll eventually lose their interest in after a few days or a month, especially when they see something that’s better. Catalina Island and other experts say that it would be better for you and your whole family to invest in a family vacation instead.

Based on Oliver James, a best-selling author and psychologist, children value family vacations not only in the moment, but also in the long run in their memory. If you’re going to waste your salary on anything, this decision would make perfect sense.

Travel enhances the brain development of your child.

It doesn’t matter if you discover a heritage town or go for a nature retreat, traveling can trigger critical parts of the brain. This is particularly helpful in the “play and seek” area because kids don’t use it as much at home. By stimulating these systems, their frontal lobes will begin to mature and grow. These are responsible for goal-directed, well-focused behaviors and cognitive functioning and social intelligence that could last a lifetime.

As much as you would want to spoil your kids, try to hold back on those costly purchases. Save that money for a worthwhile vacation instead and don’t forget to take some photos as a souvenir for everyone.