Don’t Be a Dental DIY’Er

June 9, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

Have you ever watched the TV programme DIY SOS, where a team of experts rescue a desperate DIY home improver who has bitten off more than they can chew? When watching you realise that there are some things, such as plastering, that are much better left to the experts who have spent years learning these skills. The same is true of tooth straightening, or any other dental work for that matter. One brand of clear aligner which imitates the Invisalign system is available on-line, which is made after you send in a series of just six photographs of your teeth for them to assess and produce these aligners.

As you may imagine, most dentists are rather concerned about this trend to say the least.

All dentists spend at least seven years studying before they qualify, and then continue to study new treatments and techniques throughout their careers. Unfortunately, they are also the people who have to deal with the results of failed dental DIY tooth straightening treatments such as these clear aligners which may result in serious damage or even loss of teeth. In comparison to the six photographs needed for on-line aligners, dentists such as Dental Care Partnership in Sutton Coldfield, who use the Invisalign system, will make an extensive assessment of your teeth and your orthodontic needs. This assessment may include x-rays, photos, measurements and models of your teeth before your aligners are made.

See the Value of Your Teeth and Choose Invisalign Braces

With proper care, your teeth will last you a lifetime, so investing in having your teeth straightened using a well proven system such as Invisalign will give you the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come. When you choose a product from a company such as Invisalign, who have spent years researching and developing their product and the technology that supports it you know you are in safe hands. In addition, you can be confident that they will also be ensuring that the dentists who use this system for their patients also have the proper training and equipment necessary to successfully treat their 4million, and counting, patients.