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Is Early Orthodontic Check-Up Worthwhile?

May 6, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

New parents often ask, “When should my child’s first visit to an orthodontist be?” The short answer to this question is “first orthodontic screening by the seventh birthday”. That is the recommendation by the American Association of Orthodontists.

So, What Makes Early Check-Up Worthwhile?

While few children will need to begin orthodontic treatment at age 7, some kids will benefit from early evaluation. During the first screening, your child’s orthodontist in West Jordan will be able to:

Spot Your Child’s Orthodontic Problems, Even the Subtle Ones

An orthodontist can identify issues with jaw growth and emerging teeth even when your child still has some of her baby teeth. Remember, your child could still have an orthodontic problem even when her teeth appear to be straight.

Determine the Appropriate Time to Start Treatment

An early check-up may reveal an issue that can benefit from immediate treatment. In other cases, your child’s orthodontist may recommend monitoring the kid’s growth and development and initiate treatment at the best time.

Avert Serious Problems

Early evaluation and treatment help prevent more severe orthodontic problems from developing. Early intervention may also make treatment, which may be necessary when your child is older, shorter and less complicated.

Achieve Positive Results

Early intervention gives the orthodontist an opportunity to use the most suitable treatment program. Some orthodontic results may not be achieved once your child’s face and jaw stop growing.

Discuss the Cost of Treatment and Payment Options

Early check-ups often help lower the cost of future orthodontic treatment. The first appointment will shed light on expected costs and the payment options available.

While chronological age is never a factor when deciding whether an individual is a candidate for orthodontic treatment, early intervention has indisputable benefits. Through an early orthodontic check-up, you will be giving your child the best shot at a healthy and beautiful smile.