3 Factors That Call for Wisdom Teeth Removal

June 2, 2017, Author: The Posh Packer

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the set of teeth that emerge in the late teens or early twenties. For people who lack sufficient space in the mouth for these teeth, the eruption process can be painful. The teeth could grow in an odd angled direction or even make the teeth crooked.

We list some reasons you should visit your Utah dentist now for wisdom teeth removal:

1. Cysts and Tumors

Although they are not common, cysts, and tumors do occur in the tissues of the impacted wisdom teeth. As they increase in size, cysts cause damage to the adjacent teeth and the surrounding bone, leading to the distortion of the jawbone. If the patient visits a dentist early enough, the affected wisdom tooth is removed and the tumors or cysts evaluated by a pathologist.

2. Prevention of Gum Disease

Wisdom teeth are mostly positioned such that they only partially stick out in the gum line. As such, bacteria stick in the spaces between the gum tissues and the tooth. As a result, the area becomes hard to clean due to the shape of the tooth and the location of the bacteria. This provides the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive undisturbed hence the development of gum disease.

3. Headaches, Pressure and Chronic Pain

According to research, chronic pain is the most common wisdom teeth symptom as it occurs to 33% of wisdom teeth patients. The pain comes by as a result of the breakage of the gum flap that covers the tooth and the pressure on the nerves surrounding the tooth. In addition, the adjacent molar ends up placing extreme pressure on the alveolar nerve causing pain and headaches to the patient.

Before going for wisdom teeth removal, make sure that your dentist checks your age, your mouth’s shape and the position of your teeth before making a decision. Observe maximum cleanliness and use mouthwash to slow down the growth of bacteria in the mouth to protect the rest of the teeth.