Developing a Unique Flavor Profile in Independent Beer with Hops

April 13, 2018, Author: The Posh Packer

If you brew your own beer and you want to impart your own flavor profile, you should consider using hops. You need to get a variety that can provide the flavor you want for your beer.

Many microbrewers and craft brewers buy Citra hops to infuse a unique personality to their favorite alcoholic beverage.

Citrus Flavor

Citra hops provide beer with a citrus flavor and aroma. This type of hop is a good flavor agent that provides bitterness, which is unique to the brew. Many other independent brewers use this variety of hop to produce American pale ale, amber ale, double IPA, and American IPA. The strength of the craft beer industry is in the innovative use of hops to differentiate craft small-batch beers from the large manufacturers.

The Nature of Hops

Technically speaking, beer is a product of fermentation of cereals. It is usually barley, but it can also be wheat or corn or any other cereals that contain high levels of carbohydrates. Other than barley, there are two other ingredients: yeast and water. The yeast can be air-borne, or it can be in the wooden mash container. The modern beer making process involves the use of cultured yeast.

Like any fermentation process, the mixture of yeast, water, and a source of carbohydrates would produce a sweet and dull flavor. But it needs something else. The fourth ingredient, which is hops, provide the distinct character.

Hops provide flavor, aroma, and a unique characteristic to the brew. Hops were not the first additive ancient brewers used. To add more flavor, heather flowers, herbs, spices, or any other aromatic and organics were used. These days, the most common additive is a climbing weed without any tendrils, called “hop”. The measure of the bitterness due to hops is called the international bittering unit or IBU.

Hops are invaluable ingredients in beer making. If you want to add it to your brew, consider buying only from a trusted source.